Monday, December 31, 2012

Begin Again

My sweet girl has a practically perfect Diabetes-iversary. It is December 31. Today ( or rather yesterday, since it is now 2013) marks one year since her diagnosis. It has been the most warp-speed year. It seemed to pass by so quickly. Living life in 2 hour increments between blood sugar checks and snacks, etc. can do that I suppose. And I still feel so new to this disease and like I have so much to learn, but I HAVE learned so much. But the reason that today I found that this is the perfect day for an anniversary of diabetes is that it is a day for pondering new beginnings..a fresh start. Take a deep breath and begin again. We made it through year one. The ball drops. On with year two. We can do this.

So...the perfect gift for her diabetes-iversary? FedEx dropped off her new Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM (pink, of course!) this morning at 8:45. How cool is that? So new year, new device to hopefully help us handle the crazy swings a bit better. We spent a good portion of the day watching the tutorial and reading along in the user guide. We inserted the sensor problem! She cried in advance...fear of the unknown is greatest for her but she wanted it badly And she is truly so brave. She watched the entire tutorial with me. That impresses me at age 7. Before the insertion we got out a minute and watched an insertion done by a mom on a little boy about 2 or 3 years of age. Super kiddo who was brave and who showed that it obviously didn't hurt. His was a Dex 7..sensor insertion looks the same though. Then for good measure we also watched Lorraine's Caleb get his very first sensor inserted. He seemed a bit nervous but was brave and said it didn't hurt. Thanks to both of these ladies for posting these videos. They were helpful. My sweet girl was put at ease and we inserted with no problems and no tears. It hasn't been quite smooth sailing tonight, but I know from all I've read that will come with time. We haven't even done the 12 hour calibration yet! Right now she's been at 124-135 with a forward arrow for about 3 hours. Not too shabby:).

We discussed this morning whether it should be called her "diaversary" or her "diabetes-iversary". She voted for the latter. Why? " Because 'diaversary' sounds like 'die' ". Good point. Diabetes-iversary it is !