Friday, February 15, 2013

Sticking with the Dexcom

I wanted to share my new way of keeping the Dexcom sensor attached to the skin.  You'd think that for something that is supposed to last 7 days the adhesive would be stronger...even waterproof.  Especially considering their price.   Because after 2 baths it is peeling up to the point of needing tape or something to hold it on.  We even had to change to a new sensor once because of this. It just came off in the bath! The paper tape I found would do nothing. The tape roll I had from the hospital..the stuff they use to keep IVs in place was pretty rough on her skin and left grey adhesive-goo streaks on her skin that she did not enjoy me trying to scrub off with alcohol.   The IV3000 didn't work for her and I couldn't find Tegaderm in the form of anything other than a bandaid at the store.  I was horrified at the price of the tape rolls (like Rock tape that I had read is great) and Tegaderm that I found online.  So, I found these WATERPROOF Band-aid patches....and they are working  Through baths and everything.  And when it is time for them to come off, they come off with only a little discomfort.  Well, like a Band-aid:)   I just cut out the center padded portion and it fits around the sensor.  So far I have waited until it the original sensor adhesive starts peeling up before using the patch, but next time I may just go ahead and put it on immediately with the sensor change.  If the sensor adhesive is already peeling up you should trim off what has peeled up. The patch is just barely bigger than the sensor adhesive, so if it is peeling up, the patch will stick to the part that is peeled up with only a tiny bit overlapping to stick to the skin.  We are only on our second patch...because it works so well...the first one came up on the edge because I hadn't trimmed the original adhesive.  Learning process!  Here are some pictures: