Monday, November 12, 2012


So my sweet girl ate lunch today...she had a typical weekday lunch for her. It was what my mom used to call a "mix" when my siblings and I were growing up. It consisted of some strawberries (10 carbs), 5 saltine crackers(10 carbs), some mammal-shaped cheese crackers(10 carbs) and a 3/4oz slice of cheese. She had eaten some Chick-fil-A nuggets(12.6 carbs) for a snack a couple hours earlier when we were out so this is all she wanted at the time. Well, her BS was 126...I bolused for the 30 carbs and she ate all that was on her plate. Then she decided she wanted more crackers..I tried to talk her out of them..which is something at which I succeed more often than not..but she was still HUNGRY and more cheese or a 7carb mini-yogurt would not do. So I have her 3 more crackers and another slice of cheese and waited to bolus because she had said that wouldn't be enough. But it was...she jumped out of her chair and began to play...and I forgot about the second bolus. So we ended up with a 294 a couple hours later. Chalk another one up in the pro-CGM column. So far, the only negative I have is having to wear something else and having another site to care for and change. The "pros" are many. And my sweet girl is very excited about the idea of getting one. Now of we can just get doctor and insurance approval ! Don't could happen.

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