Saturday, November 10, 2012


This month JDRF is offering this cool experience for those who, for one day, would like to have a little better idea what goes on in the life of a person living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) on an EVERYDAY basis. So, before I recommended this to family and friends, I did this myself to see what it was like and how close to accurate it was. To sign up you just text T1D4ADAY to 63566 and they will begin your day the following day or the next, depending on how late you send in the text. They will send you texts throughout the day as if the texts were your own thoughts about managing your own type 1 diabetes. It sounds like an adult with T1D, so it is a bit different than a parent managing their child's, and different than a child managing their own during the school day. But, for me, as the mom of a young child with T1D, I found it a interesting and sobering and heartbreaking peek into her adult life.... When I'm not there to back her up and help her decide how to handle each situation she is faced with...when I'm not there to say, "Hey, it's ok...we can fix this".

So...I recommend to all this month to take a day to "have" type 1 diabetes. Then share it with anyone you know who might also be willing to learn. JDRF is doing a FANTASTIC job and there is some great hope on the horizon for better technology to manage this disease. And they are working to find the cause and a way to prevent this auto-immune disease from occurring. Please check out your local JDRF walk or bike ride...or just donate if you can. Thank you:)

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