Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 2: We, The Undersigned

Today's topic (sorry, still no good with the linky-linky stuff) is related to all the petitions that have been circulating recently...pretend to write a petition and tell who or what I am writing to, and what I am trying to change, and what experience makes me want this change.  So, here goes::

To OneTouch Delica Lancing Device:

You need to change.  You house the best lancet to ever pick my sweet girl's little fingers.  Before finding these lancets her fingertips were spotted with previously lanced spots.  Now I have to look very closely to even see any spots at all.   It is super skinny and inflicts almost no pain, and even on a "1" setting it provides a nice droplet of blood to fill the partnering OneTouch Ultra Blue test strip.  You, however, Lancing Device, are not worthy to hold such a wonder.  You feel cheap in my hands.  You are an odd shape, causing me to drop you.  And when you are dropped onto my hard tile floor, your twist-on cap comes flying off, never to hold well to the main part of the device again.   You are truly awful, and I can't believe you come from the same company as your marvelous lancets.  I'll continue to use you...out of necessity, but I grumble each time I do. 

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  1. I agree, the Delica does feel weird and easy to drop. Maybe it needs some "grip no-slip" stuff on it. You could try fabric paint, some people do that to make their own "grippy" socks. I like how delicate it is but have fallen in love with the AccuChek FastClix for ease of changing lancet without touching/dealing with a needle! (I couldn't figure out how the Multiclix worked until someone else showed me, still prefer the FastClix.)