Monday, May 13, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week: Share and Don't Share

The topic for today is "What do you wish your endo could see/what do you hope they would not see if they were to read your blog".  Basically that's it.  I'm still techno-challenged , so if I figure out how to link all the linky things, I'll do that. 

I think, I THINK, I would like for our ('s her diabetes, and I know that, but since I'm pretty much the one making 97%of the decisions at this point, I'll call her "our") endo to see everything.  Really, just see all of it.  The basal adjustments, the boluses for highs and for carbs.  What the food looks like on her plate when she has her 60 carbs, the playtime, the whining, the watching TV, the fighting with sisters, the homeschooling, how brave she is for site and sensor changes,  and more specifically to the blog:  how much I care that I do my best and that she learns to make the right choices, that this disease consumes me, how it has become so much of my life and how everything revolves around it.  I wouldn't want her to NOT see anything.  I would love to have input on all that I do and ways to adjust and do better, and areas that maybe I can slack off.  I can't imagine that I would want to "slack off" on anything, but if something I am doing is not doing any good, or is, in fact, more harmful than helpful, I'd love to know.  I think when we go to the endo, we talk about maybe 30% of what makes up our diabetic life.  There's just so much to it.  I think this would be a 2-way thing with our endo.  She is really great and concerned about my sweet girl's LIFE, not just her diabetes and hypothyroidism.  I think she would love to see a "day in the life" because it would be helpful for her to help us make the best decisions for this d-life.         

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