Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 7 (Sorta)

So Sunday was too busy for me to find the time to post...and I thought I'd find time on Monday to read some blogs and post on Sunday's topic.  But...life had other plans for me.  So...because I really wanted to blog for each of the 7 days....I'm taking the Wildcard topic for Sunday's post.  My dream diabetes device:

My "Dream Diabetes Device"?  I thought a lot about this and everything I thought of really came back to the artificial pancreas.  Since that is really no longer a dream, just a postponed reality, I decided to go a bit further.  MY dream device is some medical jumper cables that will jump-start a pancreas back into functioning normally.  If it's a dream, why not go all the way for a complete cure, right?


  1. My son would like that because then he could go on pretending D doesn't exist - it wouldn't! =)

  2. That would be wonderful and the visual of hooking my kids pancreas up to jumper cables made me giggle because surely they would only tickle the kids so I'd be fixing their bum organ while playing a game of tickle.

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